Ali at the Old Cream Shop contacted me with a huge identity crisis (for the shop that is!). A shop that previously had three brands within one - the Moo Bar (delicious langage farm icecream), Surfing Croyde Bay and the Old Cream Shop. Confusing is an understatement! With plans for a gorgeous little tea garden and sun terrace they wanted something that reflected the personality of the place whilst nodding at the heritage of the shop. ‘Retro, Chic, Quirky’ were the three chosen brand words - and that is exactly what we went for. 

The shop signage needed to fit the retro aesthetic and so traditional painted signage became integral to the branding concept. The dripping cream used throughout the brand brings that extra bit of fun and a pattern that we can use across collateral to grab attention.

Printed collateral for The Old Cream Shop - menus and business cards

Signpainting: Leemac Designs and Photography: Friction Collective

Clear but quirky signage became essential to guide customers through the initial pasty and icecream offerings to the hidden gem of the tea garden behind the shop. We opted for full wall vinyls that allowed for a completely consistent look, tying in our dripping cream to the interiors. This becomes particularly playful situated behind the icecream counter that is choc full of creamy goodness.

Photography: Friction Collective  

Photography: Friction Collective